Editorial Services

Editing is about earning trust and building relationships. I recognize the trust clients place in me and I work hard to earn this trust.


My services include developmental editing, copy-editing, proofreading, and indexing for clients ranging from graduate students and full professors to professional associations and private businesses.

Editorial Philosophy

I support authors. My goal is to figure out how I can help generate and sustain an environment that allows authors to focus on realizing the best possible version of their project.


I am an interdisciplinary academic and this orientation is reflected in the diverse projects I have supported. My clients work in fields like Dance Studies, African American Studies, Computer Science, Astrochemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Architecture, and American studies. I’m happy to adopt the editorial perspective of an engaged outsider to these and other fields: I ask questions on behalf of future readers and apply techniques of tracking and arrangement to make sure the document delivers answers.


My work has helped clients publish monographs at presses including Harvard University Press, Wesleyan University Press, and Routledge Press. These projects have met every deadline without exception, including deadlines for promotion.

Selected Projects:



Every project will be slightly different with regard to fee structure, but in the interest of transparency a good starting point is to assume a minimum of 10 dollars per page of substantive edits. I have also worked with per-project and time-based fees.

I generally offer an editorial sample free of charge. After reviewing the sample you are either free to choose another editor with no payment required, or we can continue our relationship with any necessary adjustments. The sample edit then becomes part of the future invoice.

Further Information

For more information, including references, completed project descriptions, and samples, please contact me at najung@uwalumni.com or by phone at (773) 896-7303.